$20 via Paypal for whoever can solve this simple problem

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Ok people,

sorry I haven't been able to update this request for sometime - had to travel out of the country.
I have been able to change the two splash screens that come up (I'm using XBMC Live). Basically I renamed the .png files within the /lib/plymouth/themes/xbmc-logo to .old and imported my .png's, renamed them to the xbmc-logo files that I had renamed to .old and then ran the sudo update-initramfs -u

I then did the same to the .png files in the /usr/share/xbmc/media directory.
This sorted out all the issues for me.

So it seems that rdarwish had the right idea to solve this issue. Please PM me your Paypal address so I can pay the $20 to you.

Thank you very much.
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