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Intuitive Search Feature
Well, I was sitting down watching a show on my excellent media centre running the wonderful XBMC Wink - When i came up with the idea.. how great would it be to have a search feature built into the media browser (i know search already exists, but it's sorta hidden within the settings menu).

Now this search feature would be as simple as hitting the S key on the keyboard or some other key and it would bring up a small text box where you can enter in your search criteria such as "how i met" and it would already throw out suggestions in list order of TV Shows and movies that start with or contain these key words!

This would make switching between TV shows/Movies or even Episodes much faster and more Intuitive!! The idea derives from a very similar Mac OSX app called Alfred..

Alfred Demonstration -

Of course internet searching such as demonstrated in the video could be a later option but the instant search box in media browser would be an excellent feature to an already wonderful media centre application!!

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