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Taking requests
I found the plugin, but I was unable to install it in the pre-eden build i am running. Hope DanDar3 would release it or someone could port it for the regular xbmc as well.
NHL Gamecenter would be at the top of my list.
I'm currently running it on Boxee 0.9 in Windows 7, but as is often the case with Boxee it does have some issues.
So please have a go at this for XBMC
severe Wrote:Maybe try your hand at:

HBO GO & Max GO?

Would be great.

please Smile also, pls add ability to connect through a VPN name/pass for the plugin (I'm outside the US)
I would love one for
#51 SPORTS!!!!!! YA
#52 Swedish TV Channel, should be a good challenge! I haven't found a single tool which can dl from this site Wink
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QVC and Nasa please.
Actually not to be a bother but CNN that works would be great.
Finding Live streams outside news hasn't been easy task for XBMC add-ons.

The primary reason many of my friends haven't pulled the plug on Cable/Sat is for the live Hockey Games (and other streaming live sport events) that they just can't get on XBMC. <--does a terrific job putting links to all the live broadcasts that are currently available. Most of these are right from broadcasters (ie CBC Sports). For us with XBMC-Live, watching from web sites are not too easy.

If you're still taking requests, for someone that has been using XBMC for 5+ years, a terrific video add-on for watching live hockey would be 2nd only to IceFilms! (at least for most Canadians!)
#56 and some kid television shows would be sweet.

#57 plug in would be great, there has been some interest shown in another thread but I don't think anyone has picked it up
Livestation please would be awesome!
#59 would be great but its a subscribed website for indian channels so if you can make it as a plugin or video addon, i really dont mind donating some money to you as it helps me and my friends alot!!! its a site most indians watch live streams from US.
I agree aaronburke6...... Please help!!!

Taking requests31