A call for XBMC Writers
As you may have noticed, our blog has often been lacking in content, outside of the occasional Feature Friday. We would like to change that. Starting right now, we will begin accepting applications for up to five XBMC writers. The pay is terrible (i.e. you will not get paid), and you probably won’t get a lot of respect, but at least the hours aren’t bad!

The XBMC home page is viewed approximately 30,000 times a day. As an XBMC blogger, you will be seen by over 400,000 unique visitors per month. People will probably start randomly buying you drinks in fancy and exclusive bars. Also, if you have an idea for an interesting story, even our angriest and scariest developers (who need no introduction) might be nice to you, if you ask them questions.

At least three of the previous sentences are true.

For those of you interested, here are the rules. We will be accepting applications from now until Monday, October 2nd. Because this isn’t a paying job, we don’t really care about resumes. Instead, we’d like you to send us two things: a brief paragraph introducing yourself and your relationship with XBMC, and an XBMC-related article. If you’d like to include a link to your current blog, feel free. All submissions should be sent to contact AT xbmc DOT org with the subject line: “#XBMC Writer Submission” (no quotes).

The XBMC-related article can range anywhere from 150 to 1000 words (potentially longer, if you are going for a “long form journalism” piece), should avoid strong language, and can cover almost any XBMC-based topic you can think of. Suggested topics include:
  • An interesting addon
  • An attractive skin (with screenshots)
  • A How-To article
  • The history of an XBMC feature
  • The value of a recent XBMC nightly build feature

Extra points will be awarded for particularly creative topics, but writing about any of the above should be fine.

After October 2nd, a number of Team members will sort through the submissions, and individual writers will be notified upon selection. As always, there is no guarantee that anyone will be selected, and, likewise, if enough awesome articles are submitted, we may consider adding more than five writers. Additionally, there’s a fairly good chance that the first piece published for any individual selected will be his or her submission article, so make it a good one!

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your articles and columns!
Any news on this?
Maybe a little bit statistics?
Was it worth writing the article?

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Hi there,

My mate has a web company and did my site for me http://www.tactics.co.za, but what is really impressive is the back end. i have spoken to him and he is trying to make contact with XBMC and he is willing to help you guys. his details are [email protected] and he is based in the UK.

if you need the help he is willing,

xbmc is also using wordpress...
any news on this. I submitted an article. Fully expecting the blog to deliver me a shiny new imac and comprehensive expense account to work from home with.

Nothing in my inbox as yet!
I'm picking this up again now. Already got a few in the pipeline.

If anyone wants to submit a story, email me:

zag (at) xbmc.org

I'll also be accepting write-ups about specific plugins as well.
it is pity that the dead line has gone so far and I come too late to grab this chance Sad I am interested in writing in tech field but I'm not confident enough to apply for a pay job (actually I did, but I keep failing and thus I'm maintaining free and have a lot of time). If there were the second calling for, I would take it immediately - I promiss!
There is no deadline Smile
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