XBMC TV Show scraper is missing episodes [TheTVDB.com]
I've been using XBMC for quite a while now and after setting all the correct scrapers and locations it has allways found new episodes as i added them.

However recently it stopped working (kinda).

Some new episodes are found and some aren't

I've already checked thetvdb.com if the new info is available there, it is.
I've also (double) checked the filenaming (which is done by Sickbeard) and it is exactly the same as earlier episodes.

If i go to file mode and navigate to the appropriate show it says i've seen all episodes, however if a click on the show it shows me episodes i haven't watched (without any info whatsoever).
If i go to library mode and navigate to the appropriate show it also says i've seen all episodes and when i click on the show it doesn't show the newly added episodes.

I've updated my version from early september to the newest nightly (of 23rd september), this doesn't change anything.

What am i missing? For the life of me I kind figure it out (and it's driving me nuts Eek)!

I hope someone can point me in the right direction!Nod
For anyone who might have the same problem in the future, here is the solution:

Each of the shows (and even a few movies) who didn't get scraped had a tvshow.nfo or movie.nfo file in the root folder.
(i have my shows ordered as such: TV-Shows/Showname/Season ##/Episodes)
Apparantely this file gave XBMC the impression that by scraping that file XBMC could stop looking any further. So new episodes never got added.
Several other shows which updated just fine didn't have this .nfo file, so XBMC just scanned and scraped the complete folder!

I think they were created when i used Ember Media Manager to add fanart and stuff to my shows. So don't use Ember Media Manager!

Any extra fanart or posters can be through the info screen of a perticular show anyhow (atleast in Aeon-Nox)

Hope this helps someone in the future Wink
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