[RELEASE] DFAtmo the driver for Atmolight controllers

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durchflieger Offline
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Post: #181
Instead of /dev/ttySEDU simply use COM3 within driver parameter setup
See README file of DFAtmo for a example driver parameter for SEDU boards
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0ldfart Offline
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Quick question -

How does one hook this box up to an existing XBMC box?

Its an external hardware module, right?

What is the interface between PC and Atmolight unit?


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KenV99 Offline
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Hi durchflieger,

I am working on a similar project called Ambibox. I am having issues in the python script running under XBMC. I was wondering if you might have some knowledge why a RenderCapture() request fails. I saw that you wrote the original python interface and might have some insight into why this happens.

Using the Player.OnPlaybackStarted event, I obtain the video height and width via mediainfo.dll and then issue a RenderCapture(width, height), then a RenderCaptureWaitForEventChange(), and then getCaptureState() which 9/10 times returns CAPTURE_STATE_FAILED.

I have tried it with and without Aero enabled on windows. What is weird is that 1/10 times it actually works. I posted a similar question in the Developers forum, but no answers so far. Do you have insight into this problem? Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
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tocinillo Offline
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Any chance to compile it in *Buntu 14.04? Because make fails...
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durchflieger Offline
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a new version 0.5.0 of DFAtmo is available at github.
It have added support for Kodi v17.

You will find ready to install addon zip files for [email protected] within the windows/ directory of the source tree.

Have fun!

- durchflieger
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Opuske Offline
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Hi durchflieger or anyone else who follows this thread Smile ,

I have found a bug / problem on my windows 10 kodi installation when i use dfatmo.

Namely that when dfatmo service is running i am not able to find subtitles from subscene or podnapsi or any other subtitle addon........it just keeps hanging stuck on searching for subs....

However when i disable the dfatmo service i can immidiatly find subtitles with any given subtitle addon.

So eacht time when i wanna watch a movie or series i have to first stop dfatmo from running then start play movie and search subtitle.
After it found the sub and downloaded it i then can enable dfatmo again to run.

(made a solution for me with keymap editor to stop/start dfatmo service in full screen video so i can search and find sub)

Also i know its because of dfatmo that im not able to find subs cause when i completely remove it or disable it or stop the service then i do not have problems at all.

Windows 10 on a intel nuc system running kodi 17.3 release version btw.
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