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because of http://xbmc.sourceforge.net/python-docs/ is never updated Tongue and there is already a nice "pyDev Predefined Completions Creator"-Addon for Eclipse, I created a small addon which generates the pydoc's for all of the xbmc modules in HTML (like on sourceforge - but always up2date as your installed xbmc).

You have to set a save path in settings (you will be asked if not set). It will generate the pydoc's fo all modules ('xbmc', 'xbmcplugin', 'xbmcgui', 'xbmcplugin', 'xbmcvfs').

Do you think this makes sense in the addon repo?

Btw, it would be nice if the "last updated" string in the source would also be updated if the modules are being changed.

You can download and install via zip-file here: https://github.com/downloads/dersphere/s...-0.0.1.zip
The source is here: https://github.com/dersphere/script.pydo...-generator

My GitHub. My Add-ons:
any comments?
My GitHub. My Add-ons:
Hmm i missed this one. Might come in handy Big Grin

Will try it tonight
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[release] pydoc html generator - addon00