[WINDOWS] How to FTP to XBMC on Windows?

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drabina Offline
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I am kinda confused here. I have installed fresh copy of Windows 7 Professional edition and Dharma 10.1 XBMC. Before I was running XBMC Live.

With XBMC edition for Windows, does it still have built in FTP server and HTTP server? I can ping the XBMC machine but FTP connection gets refused. Windows firewall is off.

If the Windows edition of XBMC does not have built-in FTP and web server, I can install IIS and set it up this way but then how do I control XBMC thru HTTP?

Any help is appreciated.

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rocketpants Offline
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There is some sort of web server built in - not sure about ftp server.

To enable control of XBMC through the web server go to Settings | Network | Services and select 'Allow control of XBMC via HTTP' and your choice of 'Allow programs on this or other systems to control XBMC'

You may also need to manually set the Web Interface but I don't think this is necessary if you are using the iphone or android remotes to control XBMC (Do these even work using HTTP?).

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jhsrennie Offline
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XBMC relies on the host operating system to provide an FTP server. If you want to use FTP you need to install IIS.

XBMC has it's own rather specialised web server built in, and if you install IIS you need to configure XBMC to use some port other than 80. That avoids clashes with IIS. Set the port from System settings, Network, Services. I tend to use port 81, though 8080 is popular and strictly speaking better since port 81 is for "hosts2-ns" and it's just possible (though very unlikely) that it might be in use.

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CoinTos Offline
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I personally don't care for IIS so I use FileZilla FTP server. Install create a user like xbmc, make it's home directory your %APPDATA%/XBMC/ folder and set your permissions. Works for me and is lightweight.
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drabina Offline
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Thanks for replies. I think I will go with FileZilla server solution as I do not need another web server running on the machine if XBMC already has one that's built-in.
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