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Zotac Zbox Nano AD10 with xbmc
Someone got experience with xbmc (linux) and zotac zbox nano ad10 ?
and would share the facts Smile

is there any special to install xbmc ?
No, but wow that looks sexy! See for a review.

I'd be interested to know what remote it uses. If it's not one of the common ones it might be a pain to configure a univesal remote.

From the review I couldn't see if it has an optical out. That might be a problem for some people.

thx @jhsrennie

i finally ordered one..

maybe i should try this at first installation

or is there any how to for amd fusion e350 systems ?
Where did you order? I can't find any instock online.
Not really in a pc Store.. I only Found it here in Stock.
The last part of page 4 of this review seems to suggest that there is an Openelec distro that is suitable and trouble-free.

BTW I don't see an optical out in any of the pictures either, so beware if you need this.

FWIW I'm running a Zotac AD02, this unit's bigger brother and the install went fairly smooth onto a Win7 OS. There are well documented hoops to jump through with the video drivers, but nothing too stressful. My one is running nice and smooth, with a fast boot up via an SSD.
finally i got my zotac zbox nano
and its working fine with openelec:

What is working for me:
- HD playback (720p/1080p)
- IR, but only with the included USB IR Receiver (wake up is working)
- HDMI Audio

xbmcfreak fusion image wasn't working for me..
A couple of you were asking where to get the Zotac AD10. I got mine from a seller (ocfever) in Hong Kong on eBay. Just a couple bucks over $300CDN for the bare bones version. Got to Toronto, Ontario in 6 business days $30.

I installed an OCZ Vertex 3 60GB Sata3 and 4GB Ram. I am going to go the Windows 7/XBMC route, but have not had the opportuity to get to it yet as $&#@! company are in town. Confused
Ok stealing a couple hours at night while the company was at their hotel, I installed Windows 7, loaded the Zotac drivers from the provided disc and then loaded XBMC Windows 10.1. You have to turn video acceleration on within both Catalyst and XBMC. You also must switch to HDMI and indicate you have a DTS and Dolby receiver, if you do, in XBMC. Finally from sound in Control Panel, you must right click on the AMD HD audio and select speaker configuration to 5.1 or 7.1. At this point for Dolby True HD, the PCM 7.1 indicator is lighting up. For DTS HD MA, just DTS indicators. I think I will have to look into ffdshow.

Also, on a really odd note, originally I had a WD HD hooked up and played a Dolby Digital test mkv, ya know, the ones that play sound through each of the 7.1 speakers. During this process, my receiver indicated TrueHD and the sounds from each speaker were accurate. Then, without messing with my speakers, I hooked up the AD10, and now my receiver indicates PCM 7.1, which is fine for the moment, the windows speaker 7.1 test is still accurate. As soon as I launch XBMC and play the same Dolby Digital test mkv, my surround and rear speakers are reversed. Can't for the life of me figure out why, or find somewhere where I can flip surround and rear.

Now I have not really had a chance to tweak the AD10, but when playing 1080p DTS5.1/Dolby5.1, 10-20GB MKVs in XBMC with stats on, CPU sits at about 15% and occasionally tops out at 30%. Just after starting the movie skipped frames shows 2-4, but does not move for the remainder of the movie. Upon visual inspection, in panning shots, I see little jumps, but I have not tested with the XBMC settings to do with matching FPS turned on.

Even with the issues I am experiencing, my modded XBox with XBMC and my WD HD Live sitting on the shelf are looking very scared. No
For those of you who are currently using the AD10;

How does the GUI run when using a bit "heavier" skins? Like Aeon Nox, for instance?

Is there any lag/framerate issues when using fanart, and such?
I have not used any heavier skins, but the XBMC 10.1 interface is very zippy with the default skin, so I can't for see any major issues with a heavier skin. On a side note all the issues I described were resolved when I went the XBMC_HD_Audio route. After hearing DTS-HD MA and DD TrueHD, there is no going back. My only issue at this point is 1080p playback skips every now and then. I have my AD10 loaded with a Sata 3 SSD, 4 GB of ram and all drivers are current. I know Sata3 is overkill, but it starts up and shuts down so fast. I have tried all combinations of XBMC video settings. I have xbmc loading as the shell. I have turned off unnecessary services. Changed my Windows visual settings to minimal. I have played MKVs from USB to in case it was a network issue. I am at a loss...

I am tempted to try Ubuntu with XBMC Live cause I know it works better with HD, but this is unfamiliar ground to me.
has anyone installed Dharma 10.1 with Zotac Nano AD10 with windows?? can you tell me if you can play ok the videos?
anglada_p Wrote:has anyone installed Dharma 10.1 with Zotac Nano AD10 with windows?? can you tell me if you can play ok the videos?

See post 9 in this thread:

Does this work well with the live version of XBMC on a USB stick? Would really appreciate it if someone could try it.
Hi all,

Just got a zbox and the picture is not as good as it should be. I have enabled hardware acceleration and turned of the skin tone correction as well as vibrant colours and this has gone along way to fixing it but the picture still seems to lose quality compared to my other pc.

any help would be appreciated thanks.

Zotac Zbox Nano AD10 with xbmc00