Player controls + music osd ideas
i think auto full screen vis after time would be nice even without osd (but i believe it should reset back with any key press) unlike when you manual run full screen vis.

list of 10 to be played songs is good is it poss to have last one or 2 songs as well

also a cool idea would be to randomly get 10 songs. like a pick a random 10 songs for me button
oh yah, forgot to add, is there a way to get a "play all" option, like when i am too lzay to creat a playlist with all of my songs? or eevn a play genre when i feel like listening to punk, then (after a one time scan) it picks all the songs tagged "punk" (or variations of the genre to the users settings)....dont know if its possible....but would be a nice feauture...
hit y on the genre you want and it will throw it in a playlist... Smile
i like loto's pic quite a bit. not that the final would *have* to look like that, but if the power to do such a thing were given to the skinners, something real nice could come about.
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Player controls + music osd ideas00