How to spoof VLC's user agent
Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone would know how to spoof VLC's user agent in XBMC? I'm trying to open up a HTTP stream that requires XBMC to be read as a VLC client. (WinTV Extend recently added VLC client support and to get a untranscoded raw stream with AC-3 intact from the Hauppauge Colossus it requires that the user agent is VLC.)
BTW, what is XBMC's user agent in case I want to tackle it from the other end?
XBMC v10.1 sends:

User-Agent: XBMC/10.1 Git:e9e9099 (Windows; Windows Server 2008 R2, 64-bit (WoW) Service Pack 1 build 7601;

VLC v1.1.11 sends:

User-Agent: NSPlayer/

XBMC supports the user agent faking by appending "|User-Agent=<agent-string>" to the URL. It's used in some addons and scrapers e.g. In case you want to utilize it from an addon urllib2 supports this as well (afaik).
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Thank you. Fortunately no spoofing is needed. Just a simple .m3u is needed like

#EXTINF:-1,329 NBC Seattle (KINGH)

Unfortunately if you add more then one channel to a playlist XBMC scans through all channels before allowing one to be selected (which can take a long time with a long channel list). The downside to one channel per m3u is that it requires you to select the playlist and then again the channel in the playlist. Is there a way around this?
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