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Main screen wrapping disable
Does anyone know how I would go about disabling the wrapping using the vertical main screen?

Or lowering the transparency on the background when going through movies/tv shows? I have all this wonderful fan art and it's obscured by a block of colour.

For the home menu, go to home.xml and delete the line <colordiffuse>...</colordiffuse>

For movie, tvshows ans music go to your alaska skin folder (appdata),color folder and open the current color mode (quantic, night, cealatum, etc...), on the first line you've got:

<color name="FanartDiffuse">FF37485C</color> <!-- Fullscreen Fanart background colour and transparency-->

Change the txo first letters/numbers (FF in the exemple above) The more you increase the more the background is transparent.

Over FF, background is fully transparent but you can't read easily. So you should to change to FF to see backgrounds.

save your .xml files and reload skin.

That's all

[Image: bannirew2w.jpg]
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