Help with this Italian Stream (Rai1)
I've been trying all week on this rtmp with xbmc on apple tv and regular windows xbmc. The stream throws/kicks you out after about 30 seconds or so.
Can someone try it and see if it does the same, please? Or someone explain if theres something wrong?

rtmp://[email protected] live=true

I even did [email protected] and also removed :1935 and no luck. I even did swfVfy=true.

I noticed the other "servers" of like cp108476,cp108478 etc, the streams won't kick you out though........

Appreciate your time and wisdom!!
anyone help or know what may be wrong?

I'll send someone $5 via paypal if they can figure out how to keep the stream without kicking you out?
The argument for --swfVfy is normally a URL to the player the web site uses. rtmpdump can download the player using the URL and compute the checksum that the rtmp server is expecting. You'll have to play around with the web site and possibly use a packet sniffer to find out what URL to pass to --swfVfy.

Note that XBMC doesn't offer this facility so you'd have to use rtmpdump.

This is the link I compiled and it throws you out after 30 seconds or so

rtmp:// [email protected] swfURL= live=true

Is there something wrong with this or is xbmc not able to continue the live playback or is the server acting up? I tried it with VLC player and it runs perfectly, thats why I'm suspecting XBMC
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Help with this Italian Stream (Rai1)00