Airplay functionality, awesome but...
The latest nightly builds seem to have refined the airplay support so it now works for music, this is great!

I can launch itunes on a laptop and tell it to send the audio to the xbmc, just like an expensive airport express. If I set it to play to the laptop AND the xbmc though, it's not quite in sync but I dont know if it should be, as I dont actually own an airport express.

Anyway, here's the rub. I know this is new functionality, so this isnt a complaint, just a suggestion, and it may already be in the pipeline: If I'm watching something on the XBMC and I pickup my iphone, go to pictures and beam a photo to the XBMC using airplay, it works (woo!) but it will stop the currently running video and not resume it when the picture is no longer shown. In my opinion, the video should continue to play but the image should be shown "on top" of the video, so the audio continues but the video is replaced by the photo from the iphone.

Sending a video from the iphone would pause the currently showing video on the XBMC because it would now have to replace the audio and the video, and again, it should resume when the transmission is completed.

Is this even slightly possible?
only if you start coding now and submit a patch for new cycle.
davilla Wrote:only if you start coding now and submit a patch for new cycle.

Challenge..... acknowledged.

I'd love be to able to take this on, but my web dev skills outweigh my C skills by a considerable amount (ie, I suck at C) and my current "learn a new skill" focus is on learning to play the piano. But never say never, if I can find a way to write the code myself I sure will.

Mainly I wanted to see if it was already being worked on, thanks Davilla.
To expand a tiny bit, currently XBMC is really only designed to decode and display one feed at a time, whether that's pictures or video. While work is being done to overcome this limitation, there's a LOT of work that has to be done to make it happen, and it's honestly a fairly backburner project considering all the many more pressing demands.

To my knowledge, no work is being done for a video auto-resume post airplayed video/picture transmission function and that unfortunately means there's no real chance to start one, as we've already announced soft freeze. This might be worth at least rementioning sometime after Eden is released.
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