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Kindle Fire on Android
Now that Amazon is releasing the Kindle Fire on Android for 199, I'm wondering what it would take to hack the thing to run XBMC? I've seen the remote App. I'm thinking Amazon will have fire all proprietary so I'd like to hear what people think about using XBMC on it.

At 199 bucks, I could have one in every bathroom WI-FI'd to my media content!
Given the fact that we don't even have XBMC running on actual, proper Android tablets, I'd give it roughly a 0% chance of being put onto the Fire.
Only a privileged few have actually seen a Kindle Fire, but it's widely speculated that it will be easy to root so you'll be able to run any Android app on it. XBMC doesn't run on Android at the moment. There is sporadic interest in doing a port, but there are some obstacles to this and it's unlikely to happen soon.

Any chance of a remote app for the Kindle Fire? (Or is there one already?)
I'm just trying to decide whether it would be worth getting one purely for use as an xbmc remote.
The android remote for XBMC is already available in the amazon app store for android. I'd be fairly surprised if it didn't work for Fire. Still, probably safer to wait to make sure on that point.
If the fire will run android then I'm sure the remote app will work. That being said, I have a Nook Color running Cyanogen Mod 7.1 and its flawless. The XBMC remote app works great.
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I got to play with a kindle fire last night(not mine), and the first thing I did was attempt to search for XBMC. It provided a suggested search term "XBMC Remote" but then would say that it could not find an app by that name.

I checked amazon, and "XBMC Remote" is in their app store, so I am not sure why they are not allowing it to be installed on the device.

I know that it has been Rooted already, so I assume it's only a matter of days until a hacked ROM comes out for it. Oo
sideslope Wrote:....I could have one in every bathroom WI-FI'd to my media content!

You could also give yourself a hernia sitting on the john that long....Shocked
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I just did a search on my Fire in the app store and while it lists "XBMC remote app" in the search help there is no downloadable entry! I figure my Kindle Fire would make at excellent XBMC remote!
For some reason the XBMC official remote doesn't show when I search the Android Market from my Archos tablet, but if I copy the apk to my tablet it installs and works fine. I'd guess the same is true of the Fire.

Correct me if I am wrong.....

From what I understand is that each Android device has a build.prop. Inside this file is information about the device (hardware/software). Most apps read this file (like the Market) to determine if the device is supported or not. Usually if you side load the market it will work. The market then reads this build.prop and determines which apps are compatible. How it determines that, I dont know. I also know that the build.prop is used for a multiple of other things.

I know if your device is rooted and has a r/w filesystem, you can change device info inside this build.prop to "appear" as different device. I have done this with my Archos 101. I changed specific lines within the build.prop to match the build.prop of a galaxy tab.

further info >
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I just tried to download the XBMC Remote App from the Amazon App store and the App is listed as "Not Fire Compatible". Is there anything we can do to fix this?
Have you tried sideloading? Or you cant do that in Fire?
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I installed this today and the app does not fill the screen. It shows as the same size as my cell phone.
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Works great for me on a Pandigital 9" color POS with Android 2.0. Fantastic app!
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