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[IMDB] Manual Title Selection Is Ignored
I'm using Pre-Eden for iOS/AppleTV.

When scraping movies manually, I get a list from which to choose the correct entry.

Sometimes there is more than one possible title even in the same language for the same move / same MovieDB-ID.
  • No matter which title I manually choose, the scraper always changes it back to one special title, like some kind of default.

Also I cannot choose in which Language a certain film/title is displayed.
In TV-Shows this can be defined for each series as long as the shows are in a distinct folder.

My movies are all in the same folder. Is there way to have multi-language Databases?
  • Or better, is there a way that the scraper accepts my manually chosen title?

yes, I know, this topic is very old, but I've exactly the same problem with manual scraping.

When I select "refresh" and choose another title, Kodi will reselect the old one. Why?

I'm using Kodi 14.0

[IMDB] Manual Title Selection Is Ignored00