Out of sync subtitles: changing subs speed?
Ok, this is a common problem.

You watch a movie, you download the subs but the subs are out of sync: so you adjust the subs offset. After a minute or so, damn! the subs are out of sync again.

This most of the time happens because the video source the subs are ripped from had a different fps than the video you're watching.
For example, the subs are taken from a 24 (well, 23.976) fps source, and the video you're watching runs at 25 fps, or the other way round.
In this case, all you can do is searching another subtitle file, hoping that you may stumble into one with a correct fps, but it's a try-and-error scenario, because more often than not the subtitle file don't tell the fps of the original source.

What I'm proposing is to add an option in the gui to change the subs speed on the fly. It doesn't need to be a continuous slider: after all, most of the videos have only one of three speeds (24, 25 or 30 fps) and I think it can be done with presets. I don't know if ffmpeg allows this, though. But IIRC, mplayer have an option to set the subs fps indipendent from the video fps, so it should not be impossible.

Assuming that the sync issue is due to fps then it literally takes two seconds to change that in "Subtitle Workshop"
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>>X<< Wrote:Assuming that the sync issue is due to fps then it literally takes two seconds to change that in "Subtitle Workshop"

Well, yes. But let me explain my common scenario:
I usually watch movies in streaming, thanks to the Icefilms or Navi-X addons, and I download the subtitles on the fly with the subs addon. Very confortable.
Resorting to an external app means to pause XBMC, start the app, convert the subtitle and return to XBMC afterwards. Doable, of course, but not so confortable and not so impressive with friends Big Grin., let alone the fact that you need a PC to do it.

You can call me lazy, but it would be nice to do it inside XBMC. Of course I know that XBMC is at present in a soft-freeze state, but I think that this issue is something that is worth considering in the future.
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but is there any solution to this problem?

I have the same problem with my xbmc eden. I understand the issue but I dont know how to fixit
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