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(AppleTV2) music playback always freezes ATV
I just updated XBMC on my ATV2 iOS 4.2 to the latest release. Since then music playback always freezes my device after starting any song, stopping at the first second and finally freezing...

Video playback is still working, btw.

My ATV is connected via SMB to a router with NAS. The music folder is organized by iTunes and worked with former releases of XBMC.

Any suggestions are highly apprechiated!
This is what helped for me. (in advancedsettings.xml)

"latest release" means nothing. It sounds like you haven't updated to the most recent nightly build:
Thanks, a nightlies update did the trick!
i know it's a horrible question and this is probably the wrong thread but i have this same problem how can i update to the latest nightly release? everytime i try to update my xbmc it always shows i have the most current version.
Install nightly build:
^ thank you kind friend

(AppleTV2) music playback always freezes ATV00