xbmc atv2
I have vdr 1.7.20 with streamdev, vdradmin and eepg plugins.
Lots of info around on installing xvdr..

However, what I cannot find much info on is what to do on the xbmc end. Is there a plugin for xbmc that I need to install that interfaces with xvdr? Also, can I run xbmc with vdr support on atv2.

I read somewhere that PM3 skin has to be used, I did that but I didn't see aanything new. I also saw some body talking about going to setting, video, TV.. I don't have under video.

I plan to run xbmc with vdr support at windows, Linux and ATV.

Thanks for any guidance.


have a look here :

and take the last take (9 at the date of my post)

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