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swfsize and swfhash in XBMC
I am working on a new version of SportsDevil and noticed that has changed the swf player. Whenever I try to play a stream, it stops after some seconds. Someone told me that you need swfsize and swfhash as parameters. Indeed, it's working with rtmpdump. Unfortunately XBMC doesn't support these parameters.

Does anyone know a workaround or if these parameters are going to be added in the near future?
you shouldn't need to calculate that stuff anymore. librtmp will do it for you. just include parameters like below.

It's working now without any changes. Seems like streami has modified the flash player again.

@Bluecop: This approach didn't work a week ago. Neither with the newest rtmpdump nor with xbmc. Please see this post from
I see. what options are working now?

I was looking at the librtmp manpage and I don't see anything for swfsize or swfhash there.

I am only seeing those available in the rtmpdump manpage.

I would guess librtmp would need to be changed to include these options.
Something like this:
rtmp:// playpath=streamANAVIN-xepz live=true swfVfy=1 swfUrl= pageUrl=
I am still having this problem and it seems svfVfy is doing nothing.

I can't even download the .swf to manually calculate it like a forum post says online because it says 403 forbidden.
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i have added these options (swfsize and swfhash) to librtmp long time ago. if you are on windows you can get the precompiled dll from the package provided in following thread. for other systems you can use the combined patch provided in package to compile it yourself.

Hello please help

rtmp://[email protected] app=live [email protected][email protected] swfUrl= pageUrl= swfsize=927444 swfhash=6c1be1765187eae0bc9af07d858fae59a0effd3c5b803d08db261ced2c5512bb swfVfy=true live=true timeout=10

it not working Sad
Hello please help me

hier for VLC stream working
rtmpdump -v -r "rtmp://[email protected]" -a "live" -w "6c1be1765187eae0bc9af07d858fae59a0effd3c5b803d08db261ced2c5512bb" -x "927444" -y "[email protected]" |
please to rtmp xml help me

thank you
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