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Acer Revo 3700 - No HMDI sound - OpenElec

I have a brand new Acer Revo 3700. I've installed the latest OpenElec for ION chipsets to it.

I have a picture but no sound. I'm using HDMI to my HDTV.

I've tried some settings like custom, plughw:1,7 etc like mentioned on forums but no luck.

Any advise please?

I also notice the picture looks great but is a tad jerky like it catches itself up or something?

Thanks. Mark.
Try following this guide:

Excerpt: "If you want to use HDMI for your audio out, head to Settings > System > Audio hardware, then set the audio output to Digital. Set your Audio output device to hdmi, and set the Passthrough output device to hdmi. Last, enable Downmix multichannel audio to stereo."

I havn't tried it myself as I havn't gotten round to installing XBMC on my Revo 3700, am finishing off installing Win 7 at present....
set the output to hdmi

highlight the passthrough options if your amp supports it

then on the output device and passthrough device (if your amp supports it) options choose custom


worked for me
you haven't searched a lot have you? Tongue

the answer to your question is on the openelec website:

I know the guide mentions revo 1600, but I can confirm it works for the revo 3610 aswell, so it should work with the 3700.
Hardware: Revo 3610 + SSD - Harmony 700 Remote
Software: XBMCBuntu Gotham - Sickbeard - SabNZBd+

not sure that will work.

this is the guide i used (also from openelec)

pease pudding
Custom/plughw:1,7 works on my 3700. You sure its not something simple like using hdmi/digital sound settings while playing back through LCD TV speakers? If so, try analogue/custom/plughw:1,7 and see if that works.

I got the audio working on my Revo 3700 by following this guide on the AVForums

Why this guide is not in these forums I do not know!
I used this wiki guide to get my audio working through HDMI on my revo 3700 and also got working menu sounds. However I installed XBMC live, not openelec so not sure it will work for you.
lefty's "solution" worked for me ... K/Ubuntu on a brand-new (as in got it yesterday) 3700
Lefty's solution appears to be 404.
This worked for me:

Acer Revo 3700 - No HMDI sound - OpenElec00