Mouse Calibration
I've been having a problem using my mouse on the Linux version (installed, not standalone) of XBMC running Alaska. It is enabled, but whenever I use it, I get a large icon that shows a mouse with a red X through it. At first I thought this meant I couldn't use a mouse at all, however all of the mouse functions still work. I've been using the big "no mouse" icon as an icon, but I have a problem. It clicks far up and to the left of where I place the center mass of the icon, so my younger brother (who I set my system up for) can't use it properly because he can't recognize this like I do. Is this a bug, or is there any calibration or correction I can do on this? Any help would be appreciated.
Try another skin that's been designed with mouse use in mind.

ie Confluence or XeeBo.
I'll mess around with those if I can. The biggest reason why I chose Alaska is because of its relatively straightforward interface as well as its grid library layout. I haven't done enough research to see if I can do that on either of those, but thanks for the suggestions.
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