Skin Concept Cinema Paradiso

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ravr Offline
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I've been lurking around the forums for some while, and looking to get into skinning myself. so i thought i make some mockups and give it a shot.
Always liked the style of the start era of film. so here an idea, just some quick mockups.

[Image: homescreenq.png]

[Image: moviesf.png]
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Jezz_X Offline
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Hehe old school Smile looks nice shame the movie covers are so new and shiney
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mcborzu Offline
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One thing I've always wanted was to be able to do is dynamically 'black and white' an image so I could create a theme where the fanart was 'black and white'. I could do it manually but would be more use as an XBMC theme if XBMC could do it.

I doubt there would be much developer interest plus I have no idea if doing this dynamically for 1,000 or so 1920x1080 fanarts would cause slowdown, I could only assume...

[Image: widget]

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
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ravr Offline
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isn't there some sort of way to desaturate an image in XMBC?
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toolpunk Offline
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No, as of now there isn't.
It shouldn't be too hard to add though.
I mean the math for it is pretty simple, and there's more than enough sample source code on this.

Something like <saturation>Value between 0 and 100</saturation> should be possible.
I will need this for Phyek's skin concept later down the road.
So if it has not been added by then, I might give it a shot.

[Image: itW3Z0c.png]
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