Motorola Nyxboard - Custom keyboard.xml
I decided to make a new topic for this, since the other topic is more of a bug report discussion then anything else. Please keep this topic about custom keyboard.xml for the Motorola Nyxboard. Yes, it has got some range issues and other issues, please, take that to the other topic.

That being said, I recently whipped up a custom map for this controller.
      <f3 mod="shift">ContextMenu</f3>
      <f4 mod="shift">FullScreen</f4>
      <f5 mod="shift">ShowSubtitles</f5>
      <f6 mod="shift">Playlist</f6>

This goes in:

Depending on your OS. In either case, save it as keyboard.xml.

What the above config does is:

Red Button = Context Menu
Green Button = Toggle Fullscreen
Yellow Button = Toggle Subtitles
Blue Button = Switch to/from Playlist
EPG and USER = Zoom In/Out

While watching something:
Left Arrow = 7 second skip back (normally 1% skip back)

It also makes the number keys act like SMS texting buttons in the library, for the purpose of jumping to TVs/Movies/etc.

For example, pressing 2 once will jump you to the first thing in the list starting with "A", pressing it again will jump you to "B", then "C", then to "2". 3 would cycle between "D", "E", "F", "3", etc, just like on a phone.
Thanks for this - very handy.

Do you have any idea how to disable the pop-up search dialog that appears when the remote is flipped to the keyboard side? It's really annoying Smile

I believe the solution is meant to be in XBMC settings (system/input devices /peripehrals) but selecting "peripherals" does absolutely nothing for me.

I'm using the latest Windows nightlies, and have deleted the keyboard.nyxboard.xml from the XBMC installation folder and dropped a custom one in my userdata folder.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me figure this out!
Hey there, I've created the keyboard.xml correctly into "%APPDATA%\XBMC\userdata\keymaps\" its under the right user for appdata but after relaunching xbmc nothing happens. Should it pickup the new keyboard config straight away or is there anything else I need to do?

Assuming you want your mappings to work with the Nyxboard the first three lines of the file need to be:

    <keyboard name="Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid">

i.e. you need to specify name="Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid" in the <keyboard> tag so XBMC knows the mappings apply to the Nyxboard.

Champion! that did it. cheers Smile
Here, have a wiki page for even more flexability

Alternative_keymaps_for_Nyxboard (wiki)

Feel free to even add multiple different configurations by using ==Section headers== or starting a new page if the keymap is long. Anyone can edit the page by simply registering/logging-in to the wiki.

Would it be possible to map the standby key to turn on/off a xbmcbuntu?
With Boxee this works out of the box.

I try to add this custom keymap from the wiki, placed it in .xbmc/userdata/keymaps but the custom keys are not working on my XBMCbuntu
I found the solution place it in .xbmc/userdate/keymaps/nyxboard/keyboard.xml
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