Virus Protection what do you use?
I use Avast.

I used to like it a lot, but the latest version (update) introduced too many offers and services I am not interested in (WTH is Webrep??) and it even spammed me once through a pop up alert (If it does it again, it's gone!!)
I used Norton 5 years ago and was the best thing around but it was a resourse hog and got bloated more and more with each new version. I now use ESET, with zone alarm firewall. And a free copy of Spybot. In my opinion these are a great combo..
Avast Free. No issues with it ever and it found infected files Norton ignored.
Along with Malwarebytes. Not had any nasties in years!

If I was going to pay for one, it would be ESET NOD32.

The rest are all too commercialized and don't live up to the hype.
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i use nothing at home, and i turn off all update options. i use pc forever, and i never have any trouble with it and i never have pc die on me either. i owns almost 10 pc's at work, and i hate all the protections and updates by our it team there.
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No active anti virus, Anti Malwarebytes + Spybot: Search and Destroy every once in a while...
MSE and as Jezz said - common sense... dont surf porno, skank stuff and execute junk software on your HTPC!

Does make me laugh when people still waffle on about blue screens and vulnerable windows... I cant remember the last time I had ether.... cars used to have drum brakes and cross-ply tyres but things improve. my Linux and Hack are just as much a pain in their own ways.
Avast in silent mode
Avast free edition, when running a media computer you want a small footprint for the antivirus, Avast has been great.
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Crumbs, I use all kinds of stuff like this. I'm a resource hog. It's largely unnecessary but I tend to be unnecessarily paranoid.

SpyBot every so often for the safety net (not TeaTimer - crap)
AdAware every so often for safety's sake - although I find it's pretty much useless
AVG as AV (incoming files only - and I quite like the web integration)
and MSE

I ignored an MSE warning (it flagged when I ran a W7 activator Wink ) and I got a virus. Whoops. Serves me right for trying to outsmart M$.

It took Malware Bytes in safe mode to remove it. Nothing else worked. So MB is definitely my remover of choice.

I have been running AVG for a while, which tends to flag things before MSE does. Usually dodgy software that I've downloaded from dodgy places. No idea if MSE would have flagged it anyway if AVG wasn't installed - I suspect it would.

So basically I don't know the answer but if you're looking to keep things simple I would suggest that MSE is generally fine, but if you're not careful you'll be screwed anyway. MSE is installed as standard on W7 so the chances are that someone else will get the problem before you and it'll be fixed in an update.

And then Malware Bytes to fix it when it does go wrong occasionally Big Grin
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Have used Avast for over 10 years, never a problemSmile
av - none
malwarebytes and running programs that reach out, in a Sandbox....
I've been using Avast Free for a while now. But I'm wondering, is it really necessary on a HTPC to use antivirus software if you don't use it for anything else but streaming media from a NAS?
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(2012-09-28, 11:58)m1mi.dan0s Wrote: I've been using Avast Free for a while now. But I'm wondering, is it really necessary on a HTPC to use antivirus software if you don't use it for anything else but streaming media from a NAS?

Not really.
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