Music on menus and saving settings
1. I have grabbed the add-on to play music when you go in to a TV show but it doesn't work.
I currently have the mac version of the newest nightly build (as of 3 days ago)
I also have plex on my machine and when I open that, the TV shows do play music.

Is this down to the skin not allowing the music to played or something that can be fixed.

2. Also, every time I boot up XBMC on the mac, I have to tell it to fullscreen window 2 (MY TV) and then save the option on the TV so it stays.
Is there anyway I can save this setting so when I boot up XBMC, it does that setting by default.

I also went in to settings and asked it to create a custom home button and I called it TRAILERS but still no idea how to get it to point to my trailers folder.

I know the last issue is no doubt in a tutorial (which i will look in to as well) but any help on the first would be great.
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Music on menus and saving settings00