[RELEASE] FlexiBrowser (Script)
it is up now
(zhugeliang @ aug. 14 2005,22:16 Wrote:funny, the site says that it is the 1.4 version but when you dl it its really 1.31. thats pretty gay
you were too fast (too furious).
when someone uploads something to xbmcscripts it isn't directly downloadable. enderw, the site admin, checks it first before making it downloadable by the public.

you should be thankful that someone is taking the time to check the scripts before making them downloadble.
its all for your safety.

have fun
don't get me wrong, i love the script. one thing though, teamxbox still isn't working for me. is there anything that i need to do to get it to work? all the other plugins work but when i get to the point where i select which trailer to watch, it doesnt do anything when i select it.
while i myself know less than nothing about python.... i wonder if nayone could make plugins for flexi using the sites currently listed in ooba...

as i think flexi has a much more skin oriented look currently and alot less jumbled its alot easier to digest than the current ooba imo

**this requests depicts the opinion of a single person and does not in any way shape or form reflect that of the masses or current site administration
if anybody it willing to write plugins .. just have a go.
there are lots of sample plugins.

i'd love to see some more people creating plugins for flexibrowser. this was the main idea of flexibrowser. giving poeple the chance to create plugins.

creating a plugin is much simpler than creating a whole new script.

my time to write python scripts is limited, as you might have noticed due to the big amount of time between flexibrowser updated. but i'm willing to answer specific questions about writing plugins posted in the flexibrowser dev thread

don't be consumer be a creator!

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