[Web Interface Addon] AWXi - Ajax Based Web Interface

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Kefiren Offline
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I get failed to install every time i try to install from zip. I have located the file in the home folder.
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Wallace479313 Offline
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(2014-05-02 18:03)FreakErn Wrote:  @Mizaki

is there any way to access the interface with a specific url paramter, like a hashtag or something.


something like that would be great


Was this possible? I want to access music/albums from webpage

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miststlkr Offline
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I know http://kodi:8080/#mymusic works for me, if that is what you are looking for. For specific playlists, you can use http://kodi:8080/#playlist/1 works, but I don't think you can do it by playlist name
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Starship_2015 Offline
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Question  RE: [Web Interface Addon] AWXi - Ajax Based Web Interface
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Hello! Would it be possible for a function to update the databases installed. So you could do it all from your PC.
I only use TinyMediaManager to scrape.
Therefore Kodi is set to "local information".

Sorry if the text is to read something funny had translated with Google.
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sy278 Offline
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If you mean to run the scrapers to add new media then AWXi already does have that function.
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fbacher Offline
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Is it difficult to modify the fonts/colors? My wife has monochrome vision and needs high-contrast colors. I glanced at the style sheets and on first impression it looks like a lot of changes will be required, but perhaps it is not so difficult.
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Any Chance to get a Kodi 18 Update?

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