Forced subtitles
to further add to this comment, I tried a nice little test.

I used "The Hunt for Red October" Blu-Ray, region 1, US. It has forced subtitles for the russian language parts.

It also has 2 other subtitle tracks -

1. subtitles for the entire movie script, english and russian
2. subtitles for the entire movie script, english and russian INCLUDING hard of hearing additional content.

First trial -
I ripped straight from the bluray using dvdfab bluray COPY (not ripper) and copied only the mainmovie including the truehd audio and the 2 english subtitle tracks. This creates an m2ts structure like the bluray disc.
This is how i have done all my blurays so far, works great - except it will not show forced subtitles. If i choose either of the 2 subtitle tracks listed under dvdfab i get the listed effects above - all the speech in the movie is shown in subtitle, not just the russian parts which is the desired outcome.

So it is safe to assume that either DVDFab does not correctly copy the forced subtitle track, or XBMC does not pick up the forced subtitle track flags properly.

That being said, I took the bluray folder that was just copied to my hard drive containing the said m2ts and used that as my source in DVDFab to rip that into an mkv selecting the option under bluray RIPPER "display only forced subpicture"

Playing this new mkv in xbmc will show the desired "forced subtitles" as long as i select enable subtitles in the audio window of xbmc.

So, the mkv has the ability to show the desired russian only forced subtitles.....provided that I select enable subtitles for this particular file. It is supposed to show these subtitles regardless of the selection under the audio panel in xbmc as far as I know, but at least i get them - ILL TAKE IT!!!

This further proves another thing - the file that was originally copied from the bluray into the m2ts format has the proper forced subtitles inside, or else the mkv file (made from the m2ts) wouldnt show them.

This means that DVDFab either creates the m2ts bluray file in an incorrect way (not sure how exactly, but wrong enough that xbmc isnt catching it)
xbmc just doesnt support forced subtitles yet in the m2ts bluray format.

I'm leaning towards the second option, that xbmc is having trouble with that format because its obvious the subtitle track is still in there, or else the mkv wouldnt have been able to display it.

I feel ive eliminated many of the variables that have come to mind from other posts elsewhere in the forum describing this problem with other discs like avatar, etc... and i feel its the m2ts file format and xbmc not getting along quite well enough. The flags work in the mkv file, but its a different subtitle system altogether.

Does any of the XBMC Gurus have an opinion on this subject? It may be beneficial to have a wiki on which file is best supported by xbmc so that people who are newer to this awesome software wont hit these stumbling blocks and know how to rip properly the first time. Could be time saving for all sides of the equation!

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