LoveFilm remake viewtype idea

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I scratched together a viewtype idea I have for Alaska. I by all means am no coder/skinner, and simply just adjusted the lovefilm skin in a way that looks like this. In regards to how it operates, I was not able to figure that out correctly hence why I was curious if anyone that was interested and thought it was a worthwile viewtype would like to put it together.

[Image: screenshot001yr.png]

Basically just the lovefilm except in four quadrants. I found I loved the lovefilm view, but didn't like that I could only look at one tv show/movie at a time. It made scrolling very slow.

In my version, the only way I could get it to scroll correctly was to have the tv show titles scroll behind the white frame on the left. Hence why now it is wider which causes the balance of the screen to go off a little bit. The idea though is basically to look like the lovefilm episode view except four quadrants.
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