anybody willing to do these mods for me ?
xperience1080 looks even way better than marcos aeon mq3 skin ...does it fully support angelscry advanced launcher with its metadata display for games and trailers support for games?...if not please integrate it

and about the wall view could you make it so that i get a full wall view with bigger thumbs the thumbs are abit small and seeing the 2 buttons at the bottom irritates me and removes the feeling of being in a huge video library , id appreciate it a bunch, oh and as i see couple threads with mod this and mod that , is this the best version or should i use another one like xperience more etc. etc.....

p.s: i use file mode since i hate library´s guts......could you possibly make a layout like this and add video background support aka dreamscene for xbmc so to say xD , if you dont know about it go ask butch bay about it hell break it down to ya :
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anybody willing to do these mods for me ?41