Apple Tv2 - Hulu working in Ireland??

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Question  Apple Tv2 - Hulu working in Ireland??
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Hello All,

I have been researching this issue for 2 weeks now and really struggling to get clarification to weather it is possible to work around.

I am based in Ireland and want to use Hulu Tv and BBC iPlayer on my jailbroken ATV2.

I have searched and searched looking for possible fixes such as Proxies and trying to get Plex App on the ATV2 to find a work around for this IP address issue which is blocking the above on my ATV2 to no luck.

I have heard of people getting it working but I aint one of them at the moment Big Grin

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated

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Ned Scott Offline
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Not an XBMC issue. You'd need to use a VPN or some kind of proxy on your network.
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