[WINDOWS] Cannot adjust AMD Fusion (C60) overscan

I just bought a AMD Brazos based Netbook (Aspire One 522, AMD C60) as new media player and while I have to say that XBMC runs quite nicely on it (considering how slow the hardware really is, loading the database takes a while but playback is really smooth), it annoyingly sends a flawed HDMI signal to my projector that means that the edges of the screen are not being displayed properly. According to AMD that should be adjustable in their control center but I surely cannot find that option ANYWHERE in either the supplied or the latest preview drivers.

Has anyone managed to adjust overscan on a Fusion platform?
Did you adjust it within XBMC itself? I usually do it there.

Catalyst Control Center doesn't either? It's been a while since I used ATi products so I can't help you there.
yeah well, first make sure you have the latest video drivers...
i recall people saying that using the all in one driver package
this wont install the latest video drivers...
get em yourself,,,

after that, http://techhelpbot.com/content/how-chang...-underscan
I just checked again, I do have the latest display drivers...

As for CCC, that thing now looks vastly different (see http://superuser.com/questions/57239/how...rol-center) but in my case it simply lacks the menu entries for scaling (the other ones are there, f*** me). I think the 250$ for that netbook were a waste of money, after all Sad.

The same thing happens under Linux, BTW (aside of the annoying fglrx complaint that my adapter is not supported, still XBMC does run on it...)

I think I will just have to go back hooking up my ThinkPad as media player as the current state is useless...
dont use ATI with LInux,,, thats rule #1
Hooking up the Thinkpad brought the solution - suddenly that one was suffering from the same issue.

Turns out Epson hides the overscan settings in a truly confusion manner (you need to set picture input to what they call larger - which is what I would assume to be activating overscan but apparently it does the exact opposite).

Happy camper now and I only wasted a day messing with this Tongue

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[WINDOWS] Cannot adjust AMD Fusion (C60) overscan0
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