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Not getting lirc to work with xmbc
I am running a mythbuntu on my living room PC but I got interested in trying out xmbc. I got it installed and everything, but I do not get the remote to respond.

I have the remote running with mythtv and lirc and I get all the responses with irw, but with xmbc no luck.

here is my Lircdata.xml
<remote device="TT_S-1500">

then I have tried files under keymap (remote.xml) and now directly under userdata (keymap.xml) depending on instructions. File looks like that:

with irw I get:
$ irw
0000000000001551 00 Down TT_S-1500
0000000000001551 01 Down TT_S-1500
0000000000001551 02 Down TT_S-1500
000000000000154d 00 Up TT_S-1500
000000000000154d 01 Up TT_S-1500
000000000000154d 02 Up TT_S-1500
0000000000001550 00 Right TT_S-1500
0000000000001550 01 Right TT_S-1500
000000000000154e 00 Left TT_S-1500
000000000000154e 01 Left TT_S-1500
000000000000154f 00 Ok TT_S-1500

So what am I doing wrong?
For some reason I can only get my 'Lircmap.xml' to work if it's in '/usr/share/xbmc/system'
No such luck for me - not even that way.

Now back to basics which files do I need.

Some instructions say Remote.xml under ~/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps
some say keymap.xml directly under ~/.xbmc/userdata

Then there is Lircmap.xml under ~/.xbmc/userdata

I also have .lircrc for mythtv - did not bother to remove that can't I just add my stuff there?
Ok, got it to work - I went over to universal remote format...
Quote:I went over to universal remote format

I'd appreciate, if you could explain a bit more in detail what you mean with this.

For weeks I'm struggling to get an XBMC Live system, which I cloned over from an ASRock ION330HT to an ASRock ION330 (w/o built-in IR), working with an attached IR built in a Terratec Cinergy T2 DVB-T USD-Stick and it's companioned remote.

Though I think I got the LIRC config straight with the graceful support of a guy in a German Ubuntu User Forum still only a few buttons are working.
[email protected]:~$ irw
0000000080010074 00 KEY_POWER devinput
0000000080010002 00 KEY_1 devinput
0000000080010003 00 KEY_2 devinput
0000000080010004 00 KEY_3 devinput
0000000080010005 00 KEY_4 devinput
0000000080010006 00 KEY_5 devinput
0000000080010007 00 KEY_6 devinput
0000000080010008 00 KEY_7 devinput
0000000080010009 00 KEY_8 devinput
000000008001000a 00 KEY_9 devinput
0000000080010189 00 KEY_VIDEO devinput
000000008001000b 00 KEY_0 devinput
00000000800100ad 00 KEY_REFRESH devinput
0000000080010161 00 KEY_SELECT devinput
000000008001016d 00 KEY_EPG devinput
0000000080010069 00 KEY_LEFT devinput
0000000080010160 00 KEY_OK devinput
000000008001006a 00 KEY_RIGHT devinput
000000008001006c 00 KEY_DOWN devinput
0000000080010184 00 KEY_TEXT devinput
0000000080010166 00 KEY_INFO devinput
000000008001018e 00 KEY_RED devinput
000000008001018f 00 KEY_GREEN devinput
0000000080010190 00 KEY_YELLOW devinput
0000000080010191 00 KEY_BLUE devinput
0000000080010073 00 KEY_VOLUMEUP devinput
0000000080010192 00 KEY_CHANNELUP devinput
0000000080010071 00 KEY_MUTE devinput
0000000080010072 00 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN devinput
0000000080010193 00 KEY_CHANNELDOWN devinput
0000000080010077 00 KEY_PAUSE devinput
00000000800100cf 00 KEY_PLAY devinput
000000008001019c 00 KEY_PREVIOUS devinput
0000000080010080 00 KEY_STOP devinput
0000000080010197 00 KEY_NEXT devinput
Though the above keys are already well? defined in the generic keymap.xml and Lircmap.xml files in /usr/share/xbmc/...
only a few (up/down/left/right/mute) buttons interact with XBMC.

(Even more strange: when the LIRC config was still set up for the original ASRock Nuvoton remote, I could already used the above buttons)

Not getting lirc to work with xmbc00