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Alaska Revisited: File stacking / Hide scrollbar / First letter while scrolling
First, I'm in love with this skin. I've tried several of the others, but I always come back to Alaska Revisited.

Below are a few requests that I've been meaning to get around to posting - I finally stopped being lazy and made a forum account, so here they are!

Toggle file stacking:

I can't seem to find a setting anywhere to enable / disable file stacking. After searching the forums, I read one of Hitcher's posts that indicated that the option was only available in File mode. Maybe this has to do with the fact that File mode and Library mode have been merged in pre-Eden? I assume that when I select 'Videos' on the home screen that I'm entering into the Files section of the Video library. As of right now this is the only setting that requires me to switch back to Confluence in order to change.

Option to hide the scrollbar:

I have other family members that use my HTPC so I'm often running in Kiosk mode to prevent them from accidently changing settings or getting lost and confused. However, even the simple ability of being able to select the scrollbar has been troublesome for them. They usually assume something is broken and have to ask me to come 'fix the tv' because they can no longer select individual items. I believe it would be helpful if there were a skin setting that could enable / disable the use of the scrollbar.

Show first letter of title while scrolling:

I have seen this feature in a number of other skins and it's always been something I wished Alaska Revisited had as well. For this reason I tend to stick primarily to list views because it can be difficult to see where I am alphabetically when quickly scrolling through titles in most of the other views.

Thanks, and my apologies if any of this has been addressed before.

Alaska Revisited: File stacking / Hide scrollbar / First letter while scrolling00