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Sort recordings by date?

I've been using VDR since around 2004 and so far I've been using the Xine frontend. Currently I'm using yaVDR 0.4 distro to run the HTPC. There's also PVR-enabled XBMC built from the pipelka tree available, so I've been experimenting with XBMC as VDR frontend using XVDR plugins for VDR and XBMC.

Despite being work under development, quick testing shows it works surprisingly good, and I'd love to switch to XBMC as the VDR frontend. Good work, guys and I look really forward to seeing this in the XBMC trunk. However, I found one problem that I find as a major defect in usability. In XBMC, the recordings are sorted alphabetically. In VDR, by default the recordings are listed so that recordings are sorted by date so that the latest recordings are at the top. I couldn't find an option to sort recordings by recording date in XBMC. Is there any plans to support more flexible options for sorting of the recordings or is the current behaviour fixed in stone? The UI shows date of the recording so this info is handled by the XBMC PVR mechanism so technically it probably should be possible to do this in the UI.

Some background on this issue. I just find sort by recording date so much more natural. I have hundreds of recorded and unwatched programs, mostly documentaries, oldest dating back to 2008. Sometime when I have free time to watch the shows and I want to shorten the backlog, I just scroll down the list and watch something there and then delete the old recording. No need to memorize the names of the shows, the interesting stuff is always at the bottom. However, often I record something that I want to watch in matter of days so these recordings are at the top so it's also easy to find. If recordings are sorted alphabetically, this workflow doesn't work, of course. I fail to see how I could work otherwise Smile
You can already sort the recordings by date in the main xbmc PVR branch. Please ask pipelka to included it in his fork.

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