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About a week ago it seems that fastpasstv stopped working. And, It's a real shame because it's one of the main addons that originally attracted me to use XBMC exclusively for my TV viewing source (I eliminated my DirecTV, cable, etc... And after finally acclamating myself to the changes, well it stopped working. I'm also having similar problems with other addons which leads me to believe its a xbmc issue and not an addon problem, expecially when I find nothing about the problem. HELPP??!! Thank You
yeah, i was bummed to. Only started using it a week ago.
I read that it looks like the guy running it was arrested. Another site with a similar name has been created but am unsure of how legit it is.
looks like is now
go here
to find out how to update fastpasstv
XBMC (11.0-RC2 Git:20120229-f38655f), Platform: Darwin iOS (11.0.0 AppleTV2,1, Version 5.0.1 (Build 9A406a)). Built on Mar 1 2012
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