Recently Added TV & Movies broken? Recently Added Settings? Scroll Broken Too!
Hi all, got some weird issues. I was using and enjoying Neon (official repo) with 10.1 but decided to go to the nightlies of XBMC and Neon SVN from passion-repo only a couple days ago. I seem to be having a strange problem with the Recently Added. Even after deleting %appdata\XBMC and uninstalling XBMC and doing fresh reinstalls twice, the problem is still there. I've supplied some screenshots, I can't figure it out!

Note: Its the same with "Use Large Recently Added for Movies/TV" checked.

If I see correctly from the current Neon screenshots sticky it should be just like it is in the official repo, 3 posters that are scrollable.

Recently Added Movies
Recently Added TV

Also, should that Recent for Settings be there?

And my TV shows won't scroll past a certain point if going by page with the right scrollbar. If I scroll in the actual list 1 by 1 (fast or slow) it will go to the bottom.

Bonus: Slow fades between Recently Addeds (Wasn't sure if that was a bug as well)
(Showing the Zookeeper fanart still after flipping to TV Show)
I'm sorry if I should've split up these questions, just figured I'd keep it organized within one thread.

I absolute love this skin! Thank you for all the hard work. Its the perfect addition to my living room setup and a breeze for everyone in the house to use. Thank you!
And the problem is? Smile Recently Added has undergone a complete remake since the official repo version. I've also just pushed an update to fix the highlight/selected item colors and some text positioning.

Next up will be to work with Ronnie's new script...
Big Grin 
lol ok. Thank you for the fast reply! Personally I liked the old one but I, like most people, don't do well with change. I hated Windows 95 when they introduced the start menu and did away with Program Manager. I'll definitely get used to it and look forward to future updates, thank you for the fantastic skin!

I'll try the push! If the selection colors are fixed that will help fix a lot of the confusion. Thanks again!!!! Smile
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Recently Added TV & Movies broken? Recently Added Settings? Scroll Broken Too!00