XBMC install: play slideshow at startup
I'm new to XBMC- started in the last few weeks, really- but have a fully working Core2Duo/Nvidia GPU machine as part of my tv system and it works great. I have also installed XBMC to an Intel Atom system I use to power a 17" digital photo frame, and this system is also functioning quite well (and never sleeps as the old os did!)

Both systems were installed with the XBMC Livecd installer which is very well done- and works well as a livecd too (but a hdd install is faster and easier to customize the os.)

I have no real problems with either system, but there is one thing I would like but have been unable to do:
the photo frame would ideally go into a slideshow automatically once it boots up.

I know my way around linux in general but I am not a programmer or all that great at scripting. I am very new to XBMC itself and I usually don't use Ubuntu either.

Any advice or suggestions, even if just to tell me that it isn't possible to autostart a slideshow, is appreciated.
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Either nobody has any idea how to get a slideshow running at startup or nobody cares because XBMC is used for streaming media mostly, not picture slideshows!

Me and my weird uses for things...lol

No big deal for me to manually start the slideshow, of course, I was just trying to perfect things. The fact that XBMC works better running my digital picture frame than a more traditional distro astounds and pleases me anyway.

Leaving this up in case someone eventually finds or makes a way.
Yes, I think it is possible to do this with a plugin. In the upcoming release there is a way of starting services when xbmc boots:http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...g_services and in the current release you can call python scripts from autoexec.py.

So if a python program was available to run a specified slideshow then it's doable but I don't know of a script that currently does this.
Ahhh, excellent. Thanks for the tip about the upcoming release. Smile

I usually don't mess with "bleeding edge" as much as I used to, but that might be enough for me to make an exception....
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