ATV2 acces to hard disk connected to my tv
Is it possible to acces the passport hard disc that is connect to my samsung 550 tv, that is connect to my router, same router that my atv is connect to ?

I remove the pc from the network.

Try to access the drive with either SMB or UPnP when you add a new video source.
Thank you, ill try it and let you know.
I am back a my cotage, when i select upnp, i get no choice, when i select smb, i am getting Error 2. Share not available.
You probably have to set something up on your router to give the ATV2 access. What is the make/model of the router?
Dlink di 524
Seems I have misunderstood you. I thought you meant the USB HDD was connected to the router.

Samsung does not have a way to share a USB HDD from itself to the network.
Hmmm i might buy a hd that i can connect the my router then.

Thanks for yourvtime and help!
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ATV2 acces to hard disk connected to my tv00