XBMC Screen Not Main Screen At Start Up - Win7?
Hi All,

This is my first post here but am a long time user of xbmc on the xbox and have now got my mitts on a laptop with HDMI output.

I've installed the current 10.1 release onto Win 7 x64 and everything is running very well at present but I have this little niggling issue.

I've set windows to auto logon (changed settings in the registry) and placed a shortcut for xbmc into the startup folder.

Everyting boots up fine, xbmc loads full screeen fine (not windowed) but the xbmc screen is not the primary screen. I can still see the task bar at the bottom and until I click on an area (have not got my remote yet still waiting for that to arrrive) of the xbmc screen it then becomes the main screen.

I've tried to auto hide the task bar and set the command in the startup shortcut to "C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe" -d 5

I've increased the delay number but this is has not solved the issue.

Can anyone please point me to a possible solution? Have been looking for a while but came up empty handed myself.

Thanks and cheers
Confusion is just a state of mind.
Edit: Sorry cocked up on my first post...Thought I was in the windows section of the forum. Heartfelt apologies. Not sure if I can move this post?
Confusion is just a state of mind.
Thread moved.
I've tried to auto hide the task bar and set the command in the startup shortcut to "C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe" -d 5
ive read some people having to set this to 30. But i use win7 x64 and i have no issues.. but i launch xbmc from eventghost. so my event ghost is my autostarted at autologin and then xbmc is autolaunch in fullscreen via EG..
i also have another win7 box 32bit and i use EG as the shell and have it launch xbmc. this set up stops explorer from launching all together..(so there will be no taskbar or explorer for that matter launching)

I might add that both of my boxes are dedicated to xbmc though.. and i use RDP via my laptop to do anything i need on them..
Thanks cruzannavy,

I've also just tried EG as well and still get the same issue.

Like you this laptop will be a dedicated xbmc machine. As for the laptop all I've done is install win 7, video and sound drivers. Disabled any devices which were not auto installed and not applies any ms patches etc as I'm thinking thier is no need.

For EG all I did was to check the box to tell it to run at startup and then placed in the xbmc.exe to tell EG to run it.

Could I be missing any extra config steps in EG?

If I was to make EG the default shell would I still be able to control the laptop via RDP, map to drives etc?

Not changed the startup shortcut to -d 30 yet. The Mrs is getting a bit miffed that I keep on interupting her watching the footbal....go figure....she's the football nut and I am not :p

If I could I would prefer not to change the shell.

Confusion is just a state of mind.
Well I think I've made some headway.

Finally got the wife away fromthe tv Big Grin

Trid changing the -d value upwards from 5 to 30 and then worked my way back down again.

Strange thing though that at first no matter what value under 20 I set it would seem that xbmc would start straight away from the auto logon.

So I started to think what else woudl be running/starting at logon. I had already killed a number of un-needed services like print spooler but then thought of the notications section in the task bar. I stopped everything except the clock from showing and notifying.

Started from -d 30 again again and worked my way down to 10 and xbmc is now loading as the primary active window Big Grin

Not sure if the spec of my laptop would have anything to do with it (personally I doubt it) but for info my specs are:

Intel Core 2 Duo P8700, 2.53 ghz, 3mb front cache, 1066 mhz
4gb ram
Sata hd
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics dedicated of 512MB ram

Thanks once again for your insight cruzannavy

Confusion is just a state of mind.
After you set EG to launch at start up then. In EG , in the Config tree, under Autostart. Add action there. the action is System-Start application,and there is where you would select xbmc.exe.
This way works if you still let explorer launch ( ie boot normaly).
Also if you set it up this way and then make EG ur shell it will still works.
If you make EG ur shell you can still RDP. that is how i do it. I have 2 HTPC's , living room bed room. i use my laptop with RDP to modify them both if i needed to.
I have both set to use network shared folder for where the movies, tv shows and music is located on one of them and the others just streams from the main one.

And lastly i have xbmc on my laptop where i do all my testing etc... i also have both
appdata/roaming/xbmc folders mapped for each to my laptop so if i mod my skin i can push it to both, and other files i want to push.
I personally never really had the focus issue, except when i launched therenamer program while xbmc was running ( this was done with a macro i setup in EG) but after i started using RDP it didnt matter anymore since i was virtually logged in.
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