No, those two sites have completely different designs and methods of cataloging/presenting video content. That would be a completely separate effort. Sorry.
Sorry I didn't get a chance to see this thread sooner. I had thought I was subscribed for updates, but apparently I was not. I'm more than happy to take contributions and have spoken to mtubesing about his interest in contributing. I took this as an opportunity to move the project over to Github so contributing will be much easier with pull requests, etc.

So the plugin is now hosted at: https://github.com/conorbranagan/xbmc-plugins/

Feel free to fork and pull request away!
Thanks from a new ATV/XBMC use.

Are there any plugins for Sprout?
Hi all. I'm new to xmbc and can't get this addon to work. I am getting the error "script failed: addon.py".

My logfile is below. The main error from the log seems to be a problem with JSON. Not sure what this might be:

ERROR: Error Contents: No JSON object could be decoded

That's where it get's out of my depth.

Any ideas? I'm on latest xmbc and plugin (installed today), OS X 10.5.8

Full log below:

Hey scstraus,

It looks like the API calls we're using may have changed on PBS's end so I'll have to update them to get things working again.

I'll take a look at the plugin tonight and update once I know more.
Cool, glad I found you. I was almost certain it was something on my end, but then I tried on another computer and had the same issue. Please feel free to ignore this topic on other forums if this is the one you prefer. Thanks so much!
scstraus: I've looked into this further but I'm not seeing this issue on my end. Can you tell me what show this is happening for? Also, do you have the full traceback of the error?
too bad i can't access it form CAnada.
Hi squid, thanks for looking into it. How would I go about getting the full traceback? I assume that it wasn't included in the log I sent?
Update: It seems that the Free Cable plugin works fine for PBS Kids, so I can just use that. Thanks for looking into it though. Not sure what the problem is. I am using it with a service called Overplay SmartDNS which lets me view American content from abroad. Everything works on the website and on Free Cable, but maybe this is causing some problem with this PBS Kids plugin.
Does pbs kids work anymore for anyone in the pbs addon? Not I.
@nerdstalker, I just tried installing it and got an "incompatible" error. Too bad. It would be nice if the author updated this add-on.
incompatible for me too... I guess it needs to be upgraded for gothem. wonder how much work that would entail?

EDIT - I just messaged the op on his github. it looks like he uses that regularly, with changes to other projects yesterday. Hopefully he'll be able to update it really quick. If anyone thinks they can dig into it and fix it themselves, here is the link: https://github.com/conorbranagan/xbmc-plugins
Hi folks,

Sorry I didn't catch these issues sooner. I had thought I was subscribed to this thread but I guess I wasn't. I saw the Github issue that zachg filed and made some fixes.

I just pushed a new version of the plugin to my repo that fixes support for Gotham, among other updates. You can get it from the repo or you can get a zip of the new version at this url: https://github.com/conorbranagan/xbmc-pl...ds-1.2.zip

Let me know if you run into any further issues!
Thanks for the fix squid890!

FYI for anyone else. I had to "force update" the repository in the context menu in order to get the new version.

My kids love it!
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