Aeon Nox: Logo, Clearart etc. where can i store it?

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Hi Guys,

i just love Aeon Nox!

But i got one thing which id like to change -if possible-:

i got my series on different drives in my server. now when i enter tv series and look into a series (for example Angel) then the harddrive where my angel files are stored has to spinup to show logo and banner (in my chosen view).

so if i cycle through many series all my harddrives spin up which is not what i want and on the other hand it takes a lot of time to spin up so sometimes i switch to another series and see logo and banner from the series i just was in until the harddrive is up.

is there a way to store these files not in the folder of the series but somewhere on my xbmc harddrive?

thanks for your help!
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