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[WINDOWS] Anime naming
Hi Guys

I have a collection of anime.
I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to import my anime into XBMC.
Also get the synopsis and titles of episodes

my naming convension is as follows:
One episodes
Ao no Exorcist - 01 [480p].mkv
Beelzebub - 08 [480p].mkv
Bleach - 253.avi

Multiple episodes
Bleach - 52-53.avi
Naruto Shippuden - 001 & 002 - Homecoming.avi

Any help would be appreciated
I am new to XBMC so please be patient
Your naming convention should be like s1e01, or 1x01 or smth like that. Names should match data on or other scraper you use.
E.g. for bleach
There was a renaming tool to handle stuff like this, but I kinda lost it.
actually if you use the anidb scraper it should manage to catch them with the way you have them now. at least for the big current names like those. but just like tv shows they each need their own folder.
There are several renamer tools. I am finding filebot quite useful lately, you could give it a try:

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