[AEON MQ3 BUG] - pvrplayback.signalquality log spam

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ninian Offline
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I am having this issue as well with Aeon MQ3 on ATV2.
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gpborges Offline
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I'm also having this issue in a Zotac IONITX-L-E board (NVidia ION), running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (minimal/server) + XBMC Eden from oficial Team-XBMC ppa. I just LOVE Aeon MQ and use it for long time already.

I also don't have PVR enabled, but even though my logs are full of:

17:12:28 T:2989098816   DEBUG: Error: Requested setting (pvrplayback.signalquality) was not found.  It must be case-sensitive

Does anyone have fixed this yet?

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