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Some functions work, some dont
I have XBMC 10.1 running Aeon Nox skin on a W7 Home Premium 64 bit PC. I have the Android XBMC remote app v0.8.7-beta1 Revision 807 on my Asus tablet. The tablet is Wifi and I have succeeded in configuring it to interact with XBMC.

I can run the XBMC remote app on the Asus and some of the commands work. Music and Movies for example, I can select and launch an MP3 or movie, but play, pause, stop, fast forward and those types of commands dont work at all.

Also, on the main XBMC Android remote screen Remote Control doesnt work at all, none of the commands. I can open the remote control but nothing on it works.

I'm guessing I'm the only one running this configuration but any help is appreciated. Clearly the greatest hurdle to overcome is the remote control (particularly remote control from another area of the house from the PC) and I am simultaneously working out the kinks on a Snapstream firefly RF remote, and the XBMC remote app running on the Asus. Wondering which will win out, or maybe neither of them will offer the kind of functionality I need.

Anyways, please help a brother out!
The old thread concerning this app was:

It says in part:
Accessing the library works, but when I go to the remote control screen, nothing happens when I click on the buttons.

In 90% of all cases, you forgot to enable EventServer in XBMC. Additionally, you need to allow access from other computers - Yes, that's two options to enable (Under Settings -> Network).
If the settings above are correct, then maybe the firewall where XBMC is running on is blocking it. On Windows, disable it to check.

My settings in XBMC are set correctly, though the tutorial/thread is old and as this is version 10.1 the settings dont have the same nomenclature but EventServer is enabled on my machine. I disabled my firewall and still nothing.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated. As much as I love XBMC it seems I've bitten off way more than I can chew. It does provide me a hobby though for every single spare minute I have for days on end Wink

This would be so cool if I could get this to function
So I accessed my router and there is no port forwarding rule established. So I need an IP address (My Network Devices indicates that XBMC is so I enter that as the IP? and then there is an "application to forward" dropdown box, but XBMC is not there, is it necessary to populate that field?

I wish to god I were a network administrator and not a fireman!
I checked out and while it has my router it doesnt list XBMC as an app.
If you are using your remote in the local network then you do not need port forwarding. Check this link for walkthrough
I didnt think I needed to open ports either. The walkthrough you provided I've read several times already and it says:
If the settings above are correct, then maybe the firewall where XBMC is running on is blocking it. On Windows, disable it to check. If you need to explicitly open the port in your firewall, it's 9777 UDP.

So I thought I'd try forwarding that port.

I followed the guide exactly and the libraries are working but not the remote. I have found in the 2 months that I have owned the new W7 64 bit machine that networking with it is all but impossible. I have tried to network share with a WD TV and finally gave up. I went the XBMC route instead and have come to the same roadblock.
I checked my Windows firewall rules and XBMC is specifically allowed through the firewall for local network traffic. Because the Asus tablet is working on WiFi within the local network I wouldnt think this is a firewall issue.
Has anyone with this problem ever resolved it? I am having the same issue. XBMC Remote app works, except the "remote" part of it doesn't. I have everything set up as per the instructions and have disabled my firewall in Windows 7. Haven't done anything with the firewall on the router though - could that be the problem?
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