MediaFlags on TVShow and Season Level

I work on a mod of Pecinko's great Quartz-Skin. At the moment i am trying to add media flags to tvshow and season levels. the idea is, to see in library mode what qualitys (sd/hd) and languages each tvshow and season contain without going to episodelevel. i tried to retrieve such information from FilenameAndPath of the containing episodes. This works perfectly on episodelevel but not on seasons and tvshows.

Quote:<!-- p.e. for season level: language-english and quality-sd -->
<control type="image" description="Season Language Resolution EN-SD">
<visible>container.content(seasons) + [![substring(ListItem.Filename,720p) | substring(ListItem.Filename,1080p)] + [![substring(ListItem.Filename,.german.) | substring(ListItem.Filename,-german-) | substring(ListItem.Filename,.dl.) | substring(ListItem.Filename,-dl-)] | substring(ListItem.AudioLanguage,en)]]</visible>

Any idea to get it working would be great!!
Because you're one or two levels above episodes you wont get any info.
Hitcher Wrote:Because you're one or two levels above episodes you wont get any info.

i apprehended there is no possibility to get it working. but thank you anyway for your reply.
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