PM3 mod : visuals/movie overlay
this may have nothing to do with how your creating gifs, but i use imageready and found if possible to give a matte color and use that as a background for the gif, the results are alot better.
For python coding questions first see
i tried using imageready. gif supports full on or full off pixels no alpha channels, so this means no antialiasing which makes circles at that 20-20 or 30-30 look pixelated.
ill take to my net graphics friend today to find out exactly what can be done
umm all you've done here is just change a few things that chokey documented in the xml's, rename a few things. i wouldn't actually call it a mod. the only new feature i've seen is the internet thing, how did you do that? or is it just a mockup and you haven't even done it.
no offense guy but you have no idea what your talking about Smile nearly every file is diff. please im sick and tired of havent changed or done anything im working on some other stuff to with xbmc every day at moment, so im quite busy you know where to get pm3 from cvs please enjoy choke has done all the hard work. cheers you are not the person i wish to help and you sound like you have the bases covered Smile

oh sorry pics displayed now on first screens are from a new project ( they used to be my modded skin ) please look on for modded skin pics, those pics that come up now are for pm3 with internet, something im trying to help with at moment, not my skin we will one day want to put it into cvs if the developers want it

also to affini and axious if you look at skin pics you will notice i reintroduced pm3 logo Smile a little less in your face but its basically there. also put in a new fade out for noncommon buttons that only light up when you are around those buttons.
for one, i do know what i'm talking about. all you have done is change some xml's, maybe put a few more pics in the textures. that's it. anyone can do it themselves with notepad. it's not a lot of work. i've only seen a few major changes; the buttons in my music folder. i now see where the internet page came from, this thread

(britneyspairs @ may 04 2005,13:02 Wrote:not my skin we will one day want to put it into cvs if the developers want it
i can change files all i want too, doesn't mean it's my skin. do not call it your skin until you've made it yourself from scratch, not butchered another.

why would they put your modifications of choke's skin in the cvs when it's a mod of someone elses hard work.
cause im working with dev on intergrating net in.
other skin is mod as it says.
Image changed a few pic..... tell you what show me how you can put visuals in all windows with background still showing? recon its easy, send me a graphic and xml that will do it on just one window then ill believe you.
ps please message people in the internet forum you found ( didnt hide it well enough Smile )and tell them you want me to stop butchering it, promise i wont continue to butcher it when they ask me to stop butchering it, ps they are the ones starting the cvs they are resonsible for using the butchered skin i added the buttons but tell me how you are going to open web pages with pm3 now, and maybe even choke will take over skinning it i dont know the future.
as i say its not worth talking about it if by any chance anyone wanted any of the mods just ask and yes choke would have to do that b4 it ever went to cvs Rolleyes  Rolleyes  Rolleyes
well i like what you're doing britneyparis.

i like the pmiii (original) skin, i also like your pmiiix version of it. infact, i'm using yours now, rather than the original.

keep up the good work. there are people who appreciate what you're doing.  :kickass:
cheer ive updated again dl pics if you like them pm me ill give changed files...... i removed buttons and put text as better for newbees that didnt know what buttons where and added logo back as requested
i think bp is free to screw around with pm3 and show what he has done to his heart content... i dont think anyone thinks he is the orginal author and i dont think there is any confusion.

-the help screen i think is a good idea for usability but looks a little too bubbly to fit the sleakness of the rest of the skin.
-i like the effect of having the video in the background while the video is in the small overlay... (how well does this work btw? i didnt think that was possible since i thought the xbox only had one overlary... )
-the osd has an interesting design and looks like it would be great to navigate (all buttons within two or so clicks looks like) but again lacks the elegance exuded by the rest of the skin. why is it green anyway?
-the icons look liked they were originally cheery and bright and bubbly but have been recolored to be dark and bubbly.
-i am not really a fan of the original pm3 logo or your refinement as neighther really fits that space well...
-the right-click menu confuses me... i think the icon on the left might be the chinese character for "write" or something but that doesnt tell me anything of its function... the 4 on the right look like bookmarks maybe? website? no clue on the rest... if you cant tell the function of an action from its icon then the icon isnt pulling its weight.

i encourage you to keep on experimenting as there are lots of good ideas you are developing even though the execution isnt top-notch yet.
ok moved everything pretty much into settings screen and right click on is for internet stuff only now, the 4 items on the right are scripts, maybe ill redo right thumb but functions are written on buttons when hightled in english eg movie trailers. if you dont use net there is no reason to use right thumbstick so 70percent of people wont or rarely use. everything else is in settings not spread across right thumb and settings. the osd which is green is new osd from pm3 its not mine ill recolor it to red when i get a spare 10mins. ask guy above how to do video overlays apparently its easy just change an xml Smile

anyway just a few hacks if someone wants to add them to there skin ill send them files, no it isnt posted cause its not worth trouble its just to show i can help do more than put weather on front and people if they want. also the help i dont use was planning on doing properly but will take awhile to put in and id have to add to language files and that would mean translations to do it properly.
Quote:the osd which is green is new osd from pm3 its not mine ill recolor it to red when i get a spare 10mins.

really? didnt see that coming... i dont think it works well with the rest of the skin... though the navigation looks great.
where can i download this skin mod,
ok ill make a public release tonight new osd recolored etc reget pics ive udated them slightly any changes to public build let me know can change it pretty quick normally (ps public mean released here for a little while only as a mod)
(britneyspairs @ may 05 2005,08:40 Wrote:ps please message people in the internet forum you found ( didnt hide it well enough Smile )and tell them you want me to stop butchering it, promise i wont continue to butcher it...[more unreadable ramblings]
i didn't say other people wanted you to stop, i said i wanted you to stop. i won't continue on with this, as i'm sick of taking the time to read your posts (please use better grammar, fullstops, coherent english). i'll just leave two more comments, you say that if anyone wants it they are free to have it, thousands have asked, yet no-one else has it.

secondly, choke said that he doesn't mind if you put your "mod" out, but he specifically made clear that he doesn't want you to use the words pm3, project mayhem or anything like that. he was fine with it otherwise. in fact, i wouldn't really care either if you didn't lump it under the pm label. how come you haven't done what he asked?
i released it under diff name once and havent done since the 1.3 update could do again under diff name no problems or anyone else can i dont care, sorry about grammer i know i fail at english. anyway you are right its not for you. do you think no asks me for it Smile at least you havent cheers for that. ps i moded pm1 and 2 for 1.3 and called them pm1 and 2 and left chokes name as dev cause it was a quick hack and no one complained. why dont you complain about that as well or better still show me how to do background visuals its easy as Smile.

also this one last thing when i released it as skin named hack (with no pm reference), people complained i was copying choke and giving no credit i cant win but believe it or not i actually helped 2 people with stuff today and sorted there issues. so please i know i sux i even understand your complaints i dont do this to piss anyone off please be more helpful if you can i know you believe no one wants it, how would you like to host it under diff name for me? please

if people want me out like ent i can easily support myself (ent i pm`ed you why dont you reply to my question as i said if you do then ill believe you know what your doing, and take you with more credit than i give you. i know your english is great its your skinning i want to know about really)
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