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just wanted to say thanks for this skin
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howdy hitcher; just wanted to chime and thank you for this great skin. i came from a boxee box back to a true htpc and came across your theme. it is what boxee SHOULD be. i for one don't care about all of the social stuff. your skin let's me still have my most used "social/streaming apps" but still focusing on MY content. it's extremely polished!

i did notice ONE small bug; the setting in the skin settings to set up your 6 favorites along the top doesn't allow for selecting the up/down arrow with a remote; i had to use my wireless mouse (couldn't even get to it with the keyboard part).

anyway, again, FANTASTIC skin. thanks much. Big Grin
You're welcome and you don't need to use the arrows (they're really only there for mouse use) instead just press up and down to cycle through them all.
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Hi, I also wanted to thank you for your skin. My wife finds it easy to use - (and that is the key to having an XBMC setup permanently driving the lounge room tv !)

Keep up the great work.

just wanted to say thanks for this skin00