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ANTEC ISK300-65's hidden PSU Spec

Hi guys, maybe some of you would like to know this,,,
after some researched, looks like the ANTEC ISK300-65 case
should actually be named the ANTEC ISK300-135W.

see the MD-135?

yes, the included silent PSU is actually a 135W PSU.

after some testing here and there by forum members,
we can confirm you that this MD-135 PSU is really weak....

i DO NOT recommend using it at all....

Be advised to buy/use a PicoPSU instead!!
Good one Eskro.... that is sweet. I seen that case in person and it's pretty small and the quality is top notch. This would be great with a new A8 or A6 APU....

So why did they not just do 135W? and give you the brick?

Why not just buy the ISK 300-150? it has 150W and comes with the brick.
ISK 300-150 doesn't have a FanLess 0dBA PSU
eskro Wrote:ISK 300-150 doesn't have a FanLess 0dBA PSU

Oh I see.... from this video is more of a regular PSU with the regular power cord.


But how loud can it be? I really like the 300-150....
it'll be annoying....
smaller fan in PSU is always noisy,,,
just like in my current ANTEC HTPC case,,
god PSU is making me nuts sometimes....

theres no reasons to not use the ISK300-135W case...
it'll only cost you $20 more here,,,
$20 for total silentness is a good deal to me!!
Ok eskro.... I'll look more into it on the 65 Version .....

Wow it's slick.... I could place it the same way next to the TV.... I need a dedicated HTPC....

truly a beauty!
So has anyone build this? Huh
Serious... I saw one in person and I really liked it
I guess no one has.... wonder why people don't like this case? I'll start a new thread on the build. I'm going to order it. I am going to be moving to Denmark and I would like to take this with me.
perfect case for easy transportation
Do I need this power supply to be 135 watts with the additional brick? Or will the 65W brick that it comes with be plenty?

I am planning to use the AMD A6-3500 Llano 2.1GHz (2.4GHz Max Turbo) Socket FM1 65W Triple-Core

Here is my wishlist for this project...


Now I know the stock cpu cooler is going to be loud..... what cooler fits this correctly.

I got the Scythe SCSK-1100 100mm on my other rig and it's silent.

Oh and the ASRock A75M-ITX FM1 mother board do you know if the stock fan can be turned down in the bios?
on a review made by the guys at silentpcreview.com,
they said that:

Quote:"The space between the top of the CPU
and the bottom of the drive tray frame
is approximately 6.5cm."

source: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article959-page4.html

So were talking about 65mm here max for a APU Cooler....
in this case, happy shopping

[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCKZT-1000 TDP:65W Fan:80mm Height:40mm ($40 + $0)
[CPU Cooler] Thermaltake MeORB TDP:65W Fan:92mm Height:47mm ($36 + $0)
[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCBSK-1000 TDP:73W Fan:120mm Height:58mm ($38 + $10)
[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCBSK-2100 TDP:130W Fan:120mm Height:58mm ($50 + $0)
[CPU Cooler] Scythe SCBSK-1100 TDP:75W Fan:100mm Height:64mm ($29 + $3)

and here's proof that even the Scythe SCBSK-1000
will fit just fine in the ANTEC ISK300 --> http://imgur.com/a/EuaVd#0

so, i probably wouldnt go for a Scythe SCBSK-1100....
64mm high seems too much,,,

also note that the guy removed the fan cage on the side.
but that depends on your mobo's cpu socket orientation...

but who cares!!
once u got a Big Shuriken in there,
you wont need anything else!!

heck, remove the side fan cage anyways!!
dont need it!!

get a new silent 120mm fan and stick it under the Optical Drive tray using tie wraps or something
and make it shoot air directly on the PSU!


well, maybe a 120mm fan wont fit or knock on the ram sticks but still,
you get the idea!!

ventilation done!!



Looking at the this small case an idea springs to mind, you could get or fashion a VESA bracket for it - then you could do something similar to the Antec ISK 110


Anyone tried it?

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